About Parchment Hill

Parchment Hill is a new small publisher -- but its history really goes as far back as 1989, when Parchment Hill might have been born. That is where the our "micro-expert" concept, and our comprehensive glossary approach really started.

What We Publish

Our goal is to publish books that help a newcomer dive into a specific subject, that they need to learn a lot about quickly. We start by creating a very extensive glossary, which is the key to how our books work. Only then do we add the information that you need to know about the subject.

Comprehensive Glossary

Our comprehensive glossaries have more information on more terms than most books, with hundreds of entries rather than dozens. Let's say you are trying to decide whether or not to publish your own book, and you want to find out how much it will cost to print a book. But before you can find out, you have to enter information such as paper weight and cover weight. Do you need to use varnish? How many ink colors are you going to need? What is Wire-o? With the comprehensive glossary, you can look up terms like these, and get the answers you need.

The Micro Expert Concept

In the past, a non-fiction book would usually be written by an expert on the subject. But experts do not know everything about their subject. They will typically write about what they know well, and then research the other parts. Those are parts that the expert becomes a "micro expert" on, by doing a lot of research and quickly gaining a good understanding of the concept.

As the Internet has grown, the information to become a micro expert is much more readily accessible. Being a micro expert on a subject is much easier than it used to be, but it can only be done very carefully (knowing what information can be trusted and avoiding mis-information), and it is still can be very time consuming.

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